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Delivering Unprecedented Experiences in Virtual Reality

Patient 8 Games is a pioneering team of dedicated VR game developers driven by a singular mission: to create fully immersive experiences that push the boundaries of the platform. Our expertise and passion have led us to deliver unparalleled gaming adventures that have yet to be witnessed elsewhere.

Our team consists of highly skilled and independent individuals who live and breathe virtual reality. With one notable accomplishment already under our belt – the creation of Return to Rapture, a highly acclaimed two-part, full-game mod for Half-Life: Alyx – we have cemented our status as creators of remarkable virtual worlds.

Building upon our initial success, we have expanded our team to embark on an ambitious endeavor – the development of our first original VR title: Memoreum. This groundbreaking game aims to captivate players with its innovative gameplay mechanics and captivating narrative.

At Patient 8, we strive to redefine the possibilities of virtual reality gaming. By fusing cutting-edge technology with our boundless creativity, we aim to transport players to uncharted realms of interactive entertainment. Join us on this exhilarating journey into the future of VR gaming!

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